Now selling Blendtec Blenders!

Blendtec® Blenders are now available from Simply Good Natural Foods!

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Green Smoothie Suggested Ingredients


Spinach          Chard          Kale         Collards          Arugla


Banana     Mango     Strawberries     Blueberries     Melon     Peaches    

Avocado     Apples     Grapes     Dates


Water     Magnesium tablets     Fish oil/Flax oil     Chorella     Chia     Green powders     Vitamin D drops     Bee Pollen     Iodine     Brewer's Yeast     Stevia/Agave nectar     Protein powder     Yogurt (Greek)     Aloe Vera     Liquid or powdered multi-vitamin     Goji berries     Cacao nibs     Coconut oil     Raw nuts

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