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Heart-Breaking News for Egg Lovers
Eggs may not be all they've been cracked up to be.

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Early-Onset Menstruation Linked to Later High Blood Pressure Risk
Older women who started menstruating at an early age have an increased risk of high blood pressure, new research suggests.

One-Third of U.S. Kids Have Back Pain, Study Says
As American kids pack on the pounds, the number of those with back pain is on the rise.

Tone Up Your Triceps With These Top Strength Exercises
Working your triceps might not always be top of mind, but toning the muscles that run along the backs of your upper arms is key to the smooth functioning of your elbows and to also give bare arms a sleeker look.

Smoking While Pregnant Sends SIDS Risk Soaring
Smoking during pregnancy is never a good idea, but new research shows it might double the risk of a baby dying from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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